Happy Valentines Day Expensive & Cheap Date Ideas 2016

Find more than 20 perfect date ideas for you and your crush, lover, or spouse! You’ll see some cheap date ideas, and some more expensive and extravagant ideas. Let these just be ideas for you to work with; the more creative you are the more exciting the date will be – it does not always have to be the classic dinner and a movie – be inventive! Not only will you have fun planning the date, but the other person will be impressed with the thought you put into the date to make it extra special.

Happy Valentines Day Expensive & Cheap Date Ideas 2016

Happy Valentines Day Expensive & Cheap Date Ideas 2016

Cheap Date Ideas

These inexpensive date ideas are perfect for blind dates, or first dates where you just want to get a feel for the other person, and see if there’s anything worth pursuing. There’s no point in spending loads of money when you can see that there’s no spark from the beginning. However, if the date is creative and inexpensive, you’ll have fun and impress the man or women you’ll potentially fall in love with in the future!

-Go to the Beach. Bring a blanket and a picnic lunch and catch some rays together. To make the day more relaxing, bring a bottle of wine to share. If the day goes well and you both feel adventurous, take a swim together, or splash around in the shallow section of the water with your pants rolled up!

-Have a picnic. The key to a great date picnic is the location – choose a place that is peaceful, has a nice view, or has something entertaining to watch. A beautiful grassy park, a river, a festival, or even a drive in movie.

-Go to the movies. This is the most popular date idea because it is so convenient. Spice up the idea by going to a drive in theatre, or an IMAX presentation. Let your crush choose the film as it will be a polite gesture.

-Cook dinner for your date. Cooking together will be a great bonding experience as you’re in the intimacy of a home, and your date will see some of your personal things. Show of your culinary skills but do not set the mood with candles and romantic music as your potential girlfriend or boyfriend may be scared off.

-Go to an amusement park. If it’s a blind date, or a first date and you don’t connect properly, you’ll still be entertained by the rides, shows, games and candy! It’s a win win situation. A trip to the zoo would also be a fun experience for people dating.

Expensive Date Ideas

Happy Valentines Day Expensive & Cheap Date Ideas 2016

If you’re truly interested in someone, and you’re going on a second or third date, a more expensive date is a good idea. If you know you’ve got a real connection with someone and you want to impress them, feel free to spend a little more on these more extravagant date ideas.

-Go to a concert or a theatre production. This is a great way to build experiences together, and create good conversation. Concerts and the theatre may spark ideas and catapult your mental connection with the person you’re dating. You’ll also have a great time dancing, maybe singing at a concert, or laughing your heart out at the theatre while impressing your crush with the awesome date suggestion.

-Go horseback riding. Spend an afternoon horseback riding and enjoy nature while you’re at it. Stop for a picnic along the way, or sign up for a meal package with the riding reservation. This will be a great experience for two people dating because you’ll be learning and working together – you’ll see how well you mesh!

-For a truly romantic evening with your love, take a trip around the city in a horse drawn carriage, and surprise your man or woman with a meal waiting at a find dining restaurant. This is an excellent date idea because it allows the two of you to dress up and look your best for each other, while living out an evening of fantasy and delicious food!

-Fly your lover, spouse, or date to a fabulous destination for the day. Go to a nearby resort or spa and surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with some pampering. Take a tour in a helicopter for a few hours which will likely boost the butterflies! Rent a speed boat for the day and blast off to a nearby island or peninsula for a picnic. For the more sporty and adventurous couples, try a sea-doo date, or even paragliding! These ideas are bordering extravagant dating to risky dating but may be worth it for the thrill and the adventure! It also depends what you’re willing to do for the one you admire and love.

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