When is Mothers Day 2016, Country Wise Dates, Information, Brief Story

When is Mothers Day 2016: The most awaited event Mother’s Day Celebration is very close, many of people are excited to wish their dearest mother and give her a lot of surprises on this special occasion.  Mothers are the sweetest gift from the God to us, we always thankful to her for being part of our life and making it beautiful. Mother is one with whom we can share anything and get probable solution of our problems. The Mother’s Day Celebration is the only one way we can thank our mother for everything she does for us and nevertheless we must keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. So keeping in mind we are here to provide you the all the needed information of Mother’s Day, Brief Story Behind Mother’s Day Celebration and When is Mothers day, Date country wise as below.

When is Mothers Day 2016
When is Mothers Day 2016

Mother’s Day Information, Brief Story

Mother’s Day celebration is originating In North America , honoring mother as well as motherhood.  Mother’s Day celebrated worldwide, and mostly its celebrated in month of March OR May. On each country its celebrated on different date. The celebration of mother’s day started in United State, which is began in early 20th Century. In United State America first Mother’s Day holiday was celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held her mother memorable day in Grafton, West Virginia. She held campaign to make Mother’s Day a official holiday in the United States in 1905. The result of Anna’s Campaign, several states officially recognized Mother’s Day as official holiday. Woodrow Wilson signed the Proclamation creating Mother’s Day in year 1914, the second Sunday in May is officially declared the national holiday to honor mothers. On this biggest event Hallmark and many other companies had started selling the Mother’s Day Greetings & Cards. Modern America celebrates Mother’s Day very joyous and enthusiasm, with special gift for the mother.  So this is the Mother’s Day Brief Story & Mother’s Day Information. I hope you like or information.

When is Mother’s Day 2016, Date, Country Wise

Mothers Day is the most awaited event in many counties, the day is celebrate on horror of mother and most beautiful gift from god to us. The young generation is very excited about how to celebrate Mother’s Day, and they really want to give special surprise to own one’s mother. The Mother’s Day Date is different in other countries, in United states Mother’s Day celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May. So here we are providing you the Mother’s Day 2016 Dates Country Wise as follow

Australia, India, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Netherland, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United States, Kenya, Iceland,  Singapore, Japan, Italy, Bangladesh, BermudaSecond Sunday Of May10th May 2016
Poland26th May 2016
Algeria, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Dominican RepublicLast Sunday of May (first Sunday of June if its Pentecost)31st May 2016


South SudanFirst Monday Of July6th July 2016
Hungary, Portugal, Spain, RomaniaFirst Sunday Of May3rd May 2016
Ireland,  United Kingdom, NigeriaForth Sunday in Lent15th March 2016

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