Romantic Dinner Ideas on Valentine day 2016

Romantic Dinner Ideas : Dating is a wonderful adventure, and if you can do something special for your love it will undoubtedly be adored. Wheather you’ve met your love through online singles or internet dating services, or through friends, a romantic dinner is always in season (write up a little love poem with the meal for an extra special thought). A romantic idea is not much without a little planning though, so the more planning the better! You want everything to be just right so follow the steps below for a successfully romantic dinner with your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse!

Romantic Dinner Idea on Valentine day 2016

Romantic Dinner Ideas on Valentine day 2016
Romantic Dinner Ideas on Valentine day 2016

1. Plan Your Menu. Find some recipes of what you want to cook, and make yourself a menu so that you’re organized. There are many great recipes online, and romantic dinner ideas and recipes on cook book websites. For a great appetizer try caviar and specialty crackers, deli meats and cheeses with exotic types of bread, or salmon pate with wafers. You can even buy frozen appetizers at your supermarket if you want something quick and easy. Be sure to keep a bottle of nice champagne (you can even hide a little love poem on the cork), white wine, or red merlot nearby for you and you’re date. For the main course, try making something like teriyaki or lemon chicken with steamed veggies, baby potatoes and a yummy dill sauce (you can buy packets to make dill sauce at your grocery store – you just mix the seasoning with milk and butter and boil it in a pot). Something more exotic like prawn skewers, or steamed mussels in white wine with French bread would be delicious as well. Don’t worry about bad breath because of food, because both you and your date are eating the same dishes and will notice nothing in one another. For dessert write a love poem in chocolate, try sorbet and specialty cookies, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and strawberries, or try baking anything of your choice!

2. Prepare for cooking. Once you’ve planned your menu go out and buy the ingredients in advance. Prepare things like appetizers, dips and finger foods the day before so you’re not rushed before the romantic dinner. You can also precut vegetables and meat to be extra organized. Your romantic dinner idea is almost at fruition so don’t forget the wine and the love poem!

3. Clean up! Make sure your home is clean and tidy and ready for your lover, girlfriend or boyfriend. You want this to be the most romantic dinner ever!

4. Pamper yourself. Before your romantic dinner idea is revealed to your partner, take a relaxing bath or shower. The last thing you want to be is stressed out or in a rush before your romantic evening. You want to look and smell your best. Be sure to wear something sexy and impress your date.

5. Set the mood. The fundamental idea for your romantic date is the atmosphere. Use an elegant table cloth, your best dishes, a love poem, and a pretty centerpiece. Play some soft music in the background that you both appreciate, or some mellow jazz music. Light some candles to create soft romantic and sensual mood, and sprinkle rose petals on the table or floor leading to the table.

6. Serve your romantic dinner! Once your date has arrived pamper him or her and serve the wine and food while engaging in great conversation. Your date will truly appreciate the effort you put into a romantic dinner, and will melt his or her heart. The rest is bliss!

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