Valentine Day Week List 2016, Valentine Day Full Schedule with Dates

Valentine Day Week List 2016, Valentine Day Full Schedule with Dates: Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14th February, well we have already know that Valentines Day Has been celebrated for many years just because of the Saint Valentines, So we must thankful for that person. Although mostly peoples do not know why this Valentines Day is celebrated they are just want to celebrate this Valentines. We also know that Valentines Day is not a single day which is celebrated, it comes with the other 7 days which also be celebrated just before the Valentines Day 2016 which is called Valentine’s Day Weeklist 2016, 14 February 2016 Weeklist Free, So guys we are sharing Happy Valentines Full Weeklist 2016 with you day by day.

We will try to explain each day in a appropriate manner, so keep tab on this post. Well Valentines Day weeklist has always been starting from the Rose day and ends with the Valentines Day 2016. So just check it here and give your suggestion about this post.

Valentine Day Week List 2016, Valentine Day Full Schedule with Dates

Valentine Day Week List 2016, Valentine Day Full Schedule with Dates

Rose Day 2016

Rose Day (7th February, 2016) :  Valentines Day week list has always been start from the Rose Day. Rose is one best way to express their love on this Valentines Day 2016. As we know that Red Roses will be very sell on this 7th feb so buy red ross for your lover right now, We have experienced from last year that Red Roses Prices had risen just like the prices of Gold. You can also face this problem on this Day so buy now and do not depend on7th February 2016.

Propose Day 2016 :

Propose Day (8th February, 2016) – After the Rose Day the day comes is Propose Day, Some young couples have already proposed to their loved ones, and some young and cute couple are still in dilemma so they would like to get rid from this dilemma on this Propose day 2016, They have started searching for the propose day Quotes and shayari for this day only. So guys you must know some tips before propose any girl on this day and if you already know then you must make the most of this day. So Best of Luck for this Day

Chocolate Day 2016

Chocolate Day (9th February, 2016) – After Propose Day the day comes is the Chocolate day which is favourite of every girl, They like the chocolate too much. And it is weak point of the mostly girl, if you will give her a bunch of chocolates then your job is mostly done because girls like two things too much one is chocolate and other is teddy. So keep these things in mind during propose day.

Teddy Day 2016

Teddy Day (10th February, 2016) – After the Chocolate day the day comes is Teddy Day, Teddy is real love partner you can say. Because mostly girl like the teddy. So you can give her pink colour teddy, and red color teddy even you can also try for the white and cream color teddy. Teddy is too soft which will always realise your girlfriend about your loves. Even you can also try for the Talkative teddy.

Promise Day 2016

Promise Day (11th February, 2016) – After the Teddy Day, the day comes is Promise day. You have given chocolates, Teddy and rose to your girlfriend and even you have also proposed to your lover. Now it comes the Promise turn, On this day young couples and cute young couples will make promise and realise in each other that they will not leave them forever and they will be always together.

Hug Day 2016

Hug Day (12th February, 2016) – After the Teddy day the day comes is Hug Day, In this day couple will hug in each other. Well young guys especially wait for this day just because of Hug and they will realise to their love partner that he is only one who can do anything for her even he also realise that he will not leave alone and always be with her in every circumstances and in situation.

Kiss Day 2016

Kiss Day (13th February, 2016) – After the feel realisation the day comes is Kiss Day, Which is favorite day for the Flirty boys or we can say that Kiss day is Valentines Day also. On this Day young couple kiss each other on forehead and cheeks and realise her/him that he/she is their partner, Well of late relationship could not go for a long because of many misunderstandings so guys do not blame on each other and make your relationship Long.

Valentines Day 2016

Valentines Day (14th February, 2016) – The Day comes is Valentines Day 2016, which is celebrated on the 14th February, 2016. This day is last day of the Valentines Day week list which is celebrated by the whole world mostly by the young people. It does not mean that other people can not celebrate this day friends can also celebrate this Day with their best friends.

Valentine Day Week List 2016, Valentine Day Full Schedule with Dates

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