Valentines day 2016 SMS Quotes in French Language

Happy Valentines day to all our viewers . Language never makes a difference when it comes to love. I have seen and heard of so many overseas love stories where the couples had faced a lot of hardship. God has made love and there is no other power to stop . Love is blind and full of risk .Love never goes on terms and condition ,No boundary of this world can stop you from loving  but  not everyone thinks this way still there exist many orthodox people who keep love in a particular ambit. I ran across many love stories and found that love is a game of care , mutual understanding , emotions and the things like language and religion is no big thing.

Valentines day 2016 SMS Quotes in French Language

Valentines day 2016 SMS  in French Language

Being a loved one feels very good but it becomes very annoying sometimes when you dont even know the language of a person you love. I always share good stuff related to valentines day in different different language just to make your work easy. No matter how hard you try but it is obvious that if you dont know the language of your partner it becomes very difficult for both of you to understand each other. Here on my this blog i am doing all i can do for my viewers .

pour ma chérie XXX
Vous embrassé mes lèvres et je me suis senti un flottement dans mon cœur,
Vous avez touché ma main et allumé une étincelle dans mon corps,
Vous regarda dans les yeux et vu directement dans mon âme,
Vous mettez vos bras autour de moi et j’étais enfin au complet.
Bonne Saint-Valentin!

J’ai demandé à Dieu une fleur, il m’a donné un bouquet
J’ai demandé à Dieu d’une minute, il m’a donné un jour
J’ai demandé à Dieu de l’amour vrai, il m’a donné que trop
J’ai demandé à un ange et il m’a donné vous.
Bonne Saint-Valentin!

Tenez-moi dans tes bras et ne jamais me laisser aller.
Embrassez-moi sur mes lèvres, mais, si douce et lente.
Dis-moi que tu m’aimes, mais seulement si elle est vrai.
Maintenant, laissez-moi vous dire quelque chose. Je suis tellement en amour avec vous!

I hope you all enjoyed the Valentines day 2016 SMS Quotes in French Language I shared above for more updates stay tuned.

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