Valentine’s day Importance, Celebration, why it is celebrated??

Valentines day Importance, Celebration, why it is celebrated?? Here we are going to share the history of Valentines Day, Valentines day is celebrated worldwide, Every Year on 14th February. People Exchange candy, flowers, gifts, flowers, presents to their dear loved ones, Gf bf Wife husband etc.Valentines day is also Known as Saint Valentine’s day or Feast of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s is celebrated from ancient time Period, All in the name of St. Valentine. but who is St Valentines and why  day is celebrated on his name?? why do we celebrate this holiday and why do we all eagerly wait for this day holiday. So without wasting much more time scroll down the page & Start Exploring the history of Valentines day.

Valentine’s day Importance, Celebration, why it is celebrated

History of Valentines Day

Emperor Claudius required soldiers to fight battles for him. He was of the opinion that married men made very bad soldiers since they gave priority to their families and most of the married soldiers were reluctant to leave their families for battle. Hence Claudius abolished the concept of marriage.

Bishop Valentine took it upon himself to get the soldiers married. He used to secretly invite lovers to his place and conduct their marriages. When Emperor Claudius learnt about this he was furious and had Valentine arrested.

According to the legend while in jail and awaiting execution Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. Before his execution Valentine had sent her a message signed “From Your Valentine”. Till date, this phrase coined by Valentine remains ever popular and is used worldwide on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is the celebrated on 14th February every year According to Catholic church and 7th of July fixed by the Orthodox Church.

Importance of Valentine’s Day

Till the Nineteenth Century The significance of the Valentine’s day was not much or we can say it is limited to people for expressing their love to be love of their life. Valentines day is celebrated to Express their love towards all dear ones who made their life special. This day is celebrated as day to enjoy love, people wish their family members, siblings, etc, earlier. but recently Importance & significance of Valentines day is increasing or in other we can say craze is increasing amongst the youth, Young lovers make elaborate plans for celebrating this day well in advance. Those without lovers desperately seek dates with a view to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a romantic manner. Shops selling cards, flowers and other romantic gifts are decked up with symbols of romance- hearts, rose and cupid. Jewelers attempt to lure lovers with attractive schemes and vibrant display of eye-catching jewelry.

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